Meet the


     You won't find a kinder couple than husband and wife, Mike and Deborah Brown. What began for them as a fixer-upper property to restore for their personal enjoyment soon became a project for the whole community to enjoy.
     As the work was being completed, day after day people would come in and share stories from back in the day when the place had all its original luster. If you or your relatives grew up anywhere near New Haven, the name "McCurdy" probably brings a long list of memories. Whether it was the Roadside Barn Dance Hall or the cafe and lake, there are plenty of stories to be told. Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCurdy purchased the farm and converted the barn into a dance hall in 1947. It quickly became the talk of the town. Unfortunately, after the barn caught on fire and was burned down the McCurdys weren't able to rebuild.
     Fast forward to 2017 and Mike and Deborah took on the daunting challenge of restoring the property for themselves to enjoy. It wasn't long into the project when they found that the property was a landmark to New Haven locals and home of countless memories. As people noticed the work being done they had to stop and share stories of how they danced here, fished here or had their first kiss here. Some even met their spouse here.
     Sandy's Lake, named after Deborah's mother, was also the name the preceding owners gave the property.




They've really gone above and beyond to make it a destination worth driving miles to see.  You can't 

drive past the property without being amazed at what they've done. This has truly been a community-driven undertaking that will relish in the memories of old and create many more to come. The goal is to

reminisce on what was and create new memories to look back on. We’ll make sure the special day you’ve envisioned becomes a reality. Contact us to book your venue or stay today. We can’t wait to host you!